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We offer comprehensive experiences for our patients. We take care of all the details and accompany them from the diagnosis of the injury to full recovery.

Stem Cell Bank

We have the first adult stem cell bank in southern Europe, we can conserve cell material for future use in our treatments. Let us tell you all about it

Our Treatments

The patient indicates where they are experiencing pain and our medical team defines a personalised treatment that best fits the injury. Each therapy is tailored to each patient and their individual needs.


Because we are different. Each patient and each injury is different. For this reason, our medical team diagnoses and applies the best treatment to fight pain and avoid invasive surgical interventions. And we achieve all of this through the use of their own biological material.

The best care from the best professionals

Life-changing treatments

We offer our patients comprehensive experiences. Find out more

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Why are we different?

“Celular Clinic combines the knowledge of a specialised medical team in joint pathologies with Cellab’s scientific team’s know-how of cell therapy.”

Specialised medical team

At Celular Clinic we offer our clients a medical team made up of traumatologists, rehabilitation doctors and surgeons. All of which have experience in treating traumatology pathologies. Our team, one of our best assets.

Adult Stem Cell Bank

Celular Clinic is Cellab’s clinic, the only clinic in southern Europe with the capacity to conserve adult stem cells. Being able to store them to avoid future surgeries and discomfort for our patients is one of our main goals.

Security and quality

All the treatments we carry out are personalised and take place at out pharmaceutical plant located in Andorra, in sterile rooms with the highest quality controls. This allows us to offer safe treatments to our patients.

We monitor the injuries

At Celular Clinic we monitor your injuries thanks to our follow up website. The patients carry out a series of functional assessments that determine the evolution of treatment and allow us to objectively analyse the state at all times.

Objective: Fight pain

Pain disables our ability to lead a full life. Our goal is to improve our patients’ quality of life , helping them fight pain and delaying more invasive therapies. We want to improve people’s lives through physical well-being.

COVID FREE treatments

We perform a PCR test on all of our patients, 48h prior to the intervention, ensuring that our operating rooms and free from people who may have COVID. We also test all of our healthcare professionals to create a secure environment.

Let us take care of you. Contact us for more information.

Our patients’ profiles.

At Celular Clinic we treat degenerative diseases that appear due to aging, such as osteoarthritis, and all kind of traumatological injuries that can avoid invasive surgeries. What are our patients like?
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Unilateral Treatment
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Bilateral Treatment

Results obtained

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Stop cartilage degeneration after treatment
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Reduce pain 6 months after treatment in recovery
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Reduce pain 6 months after treatments with physical activity
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Reduce pain 1 month after treatment with physical activity
We look after you

Who gets treated at Celular Clinic?

We want our patients to get back to doing what they enjoy, and we want them to get there by using their own biological material: their stem cells. At Celular Clinic we put all our knowledge in regenerative medicine to improve the health of our patients.


The foundation of our work is to study each case and offer the patient a specific treatment in order to solve their problem and improve their health and general well-being.

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    “Celular Clinic combines the knowledge of a specialized medical team in joint pathologies with Cellab’s scientific team’s know-how of cell therapy.”

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