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Wrist Pain

Our aim is to end wrist pain and delay more invasive surgeries.
At Celular Clinic we’re specialised in the production of biological treatments that seek to achieve these two goals, enabling the patient to regain their quality of life. Each injury is different and for this reason, once our medical team has assessed the patient, they choose the best treatment.
Regenerative medicine has been gaining prominence in 21st century medicine for many years. Searching for biological solutions, where the patient uses their cells seeking the regeneration of damaged tissues to avoid more invasive surgeries is the objective of this area of medicine. At Celular Clinic we are constantly updating the bibliography that supports the quality of these treatments.


These are the most common


De Quervain's tenosynovitis

Get back to your everyday life

The wrist is one of the most complex joints in our body. Formed by two large and eight small bones called carpals, they connect the hand with the forearm. The constant use of the wrist in sports activities where there is an overload or in daily activities, usually cause very annoying and painful injuries that we must treat thoroughly. Our goal is to reverse this situation by eliminating pain and allowing you to enjoy 100% of your activities and your everyday life again.

What can I do to ease my wrist pain?

The origin of the pain can correspond to different pathologies, some of them can become chronic without a proper diagnosis and treatment. In an acute phase of wrist pain, the most common recommendation you will receive is to rest the joint, apply ice, physiotherapy treatments and / or use of a wrist strap. When these treatments don’t work, biological therapies are indicated to have demonstrated effectiveness in this type of injury. At Celular Clinic we approach the treatment of wrist pain from the source, identifying the reason that causes it and applying the most appropriate individualized therapy for each injury.

Why are wrist injuries common?

All the basic activities of daily life and more complex activities that require precision, are based on the use of the hand and the wrist. Any pathology that affects this area of the body will reduce our capacity in concrete actions such as tying our laces, opening a door, opening a bottle, flipping an omelette … Normally, in sports where precision is needed, the hand and wrist play an important role. The injuries that appear in this joint cause pain and inflammation, being an important impediment in daily life and sports practice.

How do we do this?

At Celular Clinic we are specialised in the treating pain originating from joint pathologies. We apply biological treatments produced from the adipose tissue or the blood of the patients themselves. We have the Celstem treatment, rich in mesenchymal stem cells, and the Celplat treatment, a concentrated growth factor.

How do biological therapies work on injuries?

The mesenchymal stem cells and the growth factors that we use act by decreasing the inflammation produced by the injury and in turn, reduces pain. Biologically, mesenchymal cells have the ability to regenerate damaged cartilage tissue.enquimales y los factores de crecimiento que utilizamos actúan disminuyendo la inflamación producida por la lesión y en consecuencia, remiten el dolor. Biológicamente, las células mesenquimales tienen la capacidad de regenerar el tejido cartilaginoso dañado.
Because our main objective is to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from pain. We achieve this with minimally invasive regenerative medical treatments.
At Celular Clinic we treat injuries that affect people’s quality of life. Some of the most common are osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis, tendinopathies, meniscopathy, ligament tears, epicondylitis, bursitis, trochanteritis, etc.
The patient is evaluated by our specialized medical team at a diagnostic appointment. Based exclusively on medical criteria, the best treatment for your injury is decided.
Yes. At Celular Clinic we carry out an informative visit with a complete examination that lasts approximately 45 minutes. At this appointment, we inform the patient of all their options and costs.

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