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Save your stem cells today to use them tomorrow.

Celular Clinic is the only regenerative medical centre in southern Europe with an adult stem cell bank, where they are kept for future uses.

banco de celulas madre - deten el tiempo

Stop time

Our stem cells age as we do, but the fact of being able to conserve them in time and stop their biological age allows us to have younger cells conserved in case we ever need them for any treatment or therapy. At Celular Clinic we offer all our patients the possibility of cryopreserving their stem cells in our bank. We freeze the stem cells liquid nitrogen at -180ºC, which stops aging and keeps them in perfect condition.

How does our stem cell bank work?

Adipose or fat tissue is one of the richest sources of mesenchymal cells that we find in the adult body. Obtaining it is simple and fast by means of a simple abdominal liposuction. We use these mesenchymal cells to repair damaged skeletal muscle tissue. One of the most studied and proven benefits is its inflammation-reducing property, a fact that reduces pain after application. The younger your cells, the more regenerative potential they will have, in the treatments we carry out today and in the future. For this reason, at Celular Clinic we recommend the extraction and conservation for future applications.

Celular Clinic, with you every step of the way

“Celular Clinic offers its patients the possibility to save their stem cells today to be able to use them tomorrow and delay invasive surgeries.”

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